Ways to Donate

Historically, a majority of OSS students/families fall at or below Federal poverty level guidelines. As a private, faith-based entity, the Omaha Street School does not receive state or federal funding for general student enrollment. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement our students’ educational costs through a broad base of funding sources. The Omaha Street School seeks partnerships with individuals, foundations, corporations and other funding revenues. Faith communities, professional organizations, and employee groups add another important dimension to our overall funding success. Donations can be made online with a credit card or mailed to the school.

The Omaha Street School also accepts donated items to help defray the cost of running the school. This is a great way for small groups and organizations to support the school when looking for a group project, or an opportunity to “throw in an extra roll of paper towels for the Street School” next time you are at the store. Every little bit really does help. See our current Wish List for special needs items and items we need replenished all year long. If you have an item you wish to donate that is not on the list, please contact Linda Reimer (lreimer@omahastreetschool.org or 402-451-5234) to discuss. There are some items we cannot take due to space and transportation limitations. The Omaha Street School is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.